Magnum 4D
Draw No 917/17
Draw Date 18/11/2017 (Sat)
1st 2nd 3rd
9929 8376 2120
Special Prize
6253 6771 3815 3413 1155
2829 0147 4138 3365 4426
Consolation Prize
1080 9730 1498 3567 8971
5226 7644 4235 9795 9823
Jackpot 1 Prize RM 2,598,613.32
9929 + 8376   8376 + 9929
9929 + 2120   2120 + 9929
8376 + 2120   2120 + 8376
Jackpot 2 Prize RM 108,838.79
Match any 1 of top 3 and
any 1 of special winning numbers

Singapore 4D
Draw No 4187
Draw Date 18/11/2017 (Sat)
1st 2nd 3rd
1346 7113 1790
Special Prize
0513 0599 0716 1007 1182
2249 4518 6193 6533 6988
Consolation Prize
0191 1256 1504 2261 3142
5729 6932 7542 7831 9452

Singapore Toto
Draw No 3319
Draw Date 16/11/2017 (Thu)
Additional Number
Winning Shares
Prize Group Share Amount No. of
Winning Shares
Group 1 $ 4,699,342 1
Group 2 $ 186,186 4
Group 3 $ 1,734 167
Group 4 $ 347 456
Group 5 $ 50 10,281
Group 6 $ 25 12,548
Group 7 $ 10 176,876

Cashweep 3D Big
Draw No 3844/17
Draw Date 18/11/2017 (Sat)
1st 2nd 3rd
952 370 38

Cashweep 1+3D
Draw No 3844/17
Draw Date 18/11/2017 (Sat)
1st 2nd 3rd
8952 5370 3038
Special Prize
9048 3096 8453 7772 0751
0865 5102 5914 4292 0077
Consolation Prize
6857 8646 7589 7181 2211
9268 0968 1486 3701 6554
Toto 4D
Draw No 4685/17
Draw Date 18/11/2017 (Sat)
1st 2nd 3rd
6924 0232 8451
Special Prize
2583 9885 8935 7802 8061
5642 8138 4716 9656 9142
Consolation Prize
5416 5942 7336 8121 6035
1124 9724 8594 9679 2155
Jackpot 1 Prize RM 5,782,350.51
6924 + 0232   0232 + 6924
6924 + 8451   8451 + 6924
0232 + 8451   8451 + 0232
Jackpot 2 Prize RM 225,704.03
Match any 1 of top 3 and
any 1 of special winning numbers

Toto 5d
Draw No 4685/17
Draw Date 18/11/2017 (Sat)
1st 2nd 3rd
15897 92786 92371
4th 5th 6th
5897 897 97

Toto 6d
Draw No 4685/17
Draw Date 18/11/2017 (Sat)
1st 999434    
2nd 99943 or 99434
3rd 9994 or 9434
4th 999 or 434
5th 99 or 34

star Toto
Draw No 4685/17
Draw Date 18/11/2017 (Sat)
Jackpot 1 Prize RM 5,349,988.57
Jackpot 2 Prize RM 100,000.00

Supreme Toto
Draw No 4685/17
Draw Date 18/11/2017 (Sat)
Jackpot Prize RM 45,933,534.75

Power Toto
Draw No 4685/17
Draw Date 18/11/2017 (Sat)
Jackpot Prize RM 22,876,419.84

Sandakan 4D
Draw No 157/17
Draw Date 18/11/2017 (Sat)
1st 2nd 3rd
2495 2558 2580
Special Prize
4552 8817 2940 4875 5900
3880 6138 6682 6892 4682
Consolation Prize
2179 1760 2987 0497 4697
5271 1316 7573 7304 8493
Da Ma Cai 3D
Draw No 4632/17
Draw Date 18/11/2017 (Sat)
1st 2nd 3rd
847 751 732
Jackpot Prize RM 1,224,214.40
847 + 751   751 + 847
847 + 732   732 + 847
751 + 732   732 + 751

Da Ma Cai 1+3D
Draw No 4632/17
Draw Date 18/11/2017 (Sat)
1st 2nd 3rd
6847 0751 1732
Starters Prize
7120 1277 0725 6218 8211
0340 1547 9371 9666 3969
Consolation Prize
7354 9125 0895 0379 7491
2432 6810 1457 9442 1589
Jackpot 1 Prize RM 13,662,314.10
6847 + 0751   0751 + 6847
6847 + 1732   1732 + 6847
0751 + 1732   1732 + 0751
Jackpot 2 Prize RM 292,752.20
Match any 1 of top 3 and
any 1 of starters winning numbers

Sabah 3D
Draw No 2751/17
Draw Date 18/11/2017 (Sat)
1st 2nd 3rd
735 489 847

Sabah 4D
Draw No 2751/17
Draw Date 18/11/2017 (Sat)
1st 2nd 3rd
0335 5170 5542
Special Prize
1618 2911 5976 5998 6212
6317 6393 6787 7780 9680
Consolation Prize
0295 1382 2089 2804 5320
6162 6489 6856 8180 8880

Sabah Lotto
Draw No 2751/17
Draw Date 18/11/2017 (Sat)
Jackpot 1 Prize RM 878,605.32
Jackpot 2 Prize RM 20,231.32

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